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Date: 2013-02-08

It’s a shame when you get disappointed with your new and much-awaited gadget, but sometimes this predicament happens. The Samsung GT-S5230W phone we bought for our son’s birthday made the child incredibly happy. But at the same evening, the phone was found to have a few problems.

We hoped that this was just a defective phone, and brought it back to the store. We changed it, and two weeks later, the new phone also began to hang.

Just because our son had waited to have this phone for a long time and loved the design of the phone, its claims to work perfectly is not true after all. It periodically reboots itself and from time to time, the screen just “freezes” up or does not respond which happens every week.

Settings are also very difficult to understand and hard to get used to if you are a child. We attempted to activate the WiFi but also  proved to be unsuccessful, and the Internet that comes with the phone does not work well too. When used outdoors, the winter cold freezes the screen. In short – except for the phone’s design, the Samsung GT-S5230W is not a good choice for a phone at all.

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  1. Barrac 19 April 2013 :

    I am sorry to hear that you have had bad experience with this phone. It can be disappointing when you really look forwards toward for something and find that it does not work like you thought it would. I hope your son has a better phone now.

  2. Vuddi 14 May 2013 :

    I heard my mum complain about it as well. She broke her phone and bought this one last month and we too have been facing the WiFi connectivity problem. I wish I came across your post before to warn her not to buy this phone.

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