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product : Samsung VC-6313
Category: Vacuum Cleaners
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Date: 2013-02-21

Our new vacuum worked great in cleaning our house. We have all our appliances from Samsung but in choosing a vacuum cleaner, we decided to choose this brand.

I bought the Samsung VC-6313 and subsequently did not regret it. Despite some shortcomings, the vacuum cleaner has served us for six years.

The new vacuum cleaner is quite OK, the external housing was colored blue, designed for dry dirt cleaning. Light enough for everyday use it only weighs about 4 pounds, so if you need to carry it while you clean then you will never break your back. It is also attached to a convenient shoulder strap. The suction power 380 W, which I was so immensely pleased. It was able to move and clean efficiently.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dense fabric dust bag with a capacity of 2.4 liters. It was able to clean quite well with this bag and in addition, it included five additional paper bags, apparently in case the original bag tears or breaks apart. The bush set is for a standard vacuum cleaner:  it can clean floors and carpets with its brush heads and crevice tool. There is a handy caddy on the vacuum body where you can store all the vacuum accessories.

This vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a foot switch to power on / off the brush roll.  An indicator is to tell you when the dust bag is full and an automatic rewind cord feature. The noise level at the average for this vacuum cleaner, and you can set it to clean in a  horizontal or vertical position.

Among the disadvantages, I noted the following:
-Gradual movement of the plate top release the dust bag, which is very noticeable in this vacuum cleaner;
– Repeated failure of the switch on / off. It was able to work for four times, but the last time I just removed the cord directly from the outlet.

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  1. Angel 12 April 2013 :

    Hey Linda, thanks for the informative article! I have gone through the disadvantages and I think that it would be best to not go for this vacuum cleaner as the failure of on/off switch sounds like a major limitation of this cleaner.

  2. Martin 23 April 2013 :

    I agree with the previous commenter on the on/off button problem. However, I think that the pros outweigh the cons, as this vacuum cleaner seems to come with rather handy features.

  3. Lessy 14 October 2013 :

    Well, I think this vacuum cleaner is very convenient despite the faults Linda has mentioned. In fact, nothing is ideal and these small shortcomings are not that grave.

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