The Joys And Sorrows Of Owning An iPhone 4S

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product : Apple iPhone 4S
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Date: 2013-01-21

Initially, I was somewhat upset of the design of this phone, which does not differ from the previous model (they only placed the antenna on the perimeter of the body, as well as slightly biased downwards lock keys and volume control). Having decided that I would not simply judge the book by its cover, I reached into the phone menu to assess its features and benifts. As expected, the iPhone 4S has a pre-installed operating system, the iOS 5.0. I was very pleased with the notification system that informs all missed events. It is also equipped with a device service called iCloud.

The only useful things in this service that I use are its call back features and data storage device location search function. I am still getting used to the changed functions of the browser. I wish advertising can be filtered, leaving only the necessary information for consumers like me. Another feature that I think is useful is to sync your phone through iTunes; it can be done through Wi-Fi, which is especially useful in cases where you do not have USB-cable.

The undoubted advantage of the iPhone 4S, is an 8-megapixel camera, which has many times better quality picture, not only high quality photos but also videos. And because the unit will record videos in Full HD quality you can be sure that you get beautiful videos as well. It also has true double-mono mode and I was very pleased with its light-sensitive optics, allowing you to shoot video in night mode, without any problems about noise interference. This performance is possible only through its dual-core processor Apple A5..

Summarizing all of the items above, it should be noted that the iPhone 4S is not bad at al, but I would say that this model is more “stylish” than functional. If you are willing to pay a considerable sum for this phone then this is  the model you are looking for!

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