SteelSeries Qck Mini Gaming Mouse Pad

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Customer reviews: SteelSeries Qck Mini Gaming Mouse Pad

A Gorgeous Mouse Pad

Author: Todor     Date: 2013-02-13
Author´s opinion:
This is gaming mouse pad. I used to think that the fact that this rug makes a game special is just marketing nonsense. But when I bought this rug, I realized that I was deeply mistaken. The ease with which the mouse glides over it is about 2 times higher than the usual pad. I like the fact that the sliding on the table and the usual mat are not too different, so sometimes I work at all without the mat. But with this rug from SteelSeries, I understood the difference between working without the mat and working with it. In games, the accuracy is awesome and the thrill of the game rises accordingly too. True; the price is ...