Pocketbook Pro 912

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Customer reviews: Pocketbook Pro 912

Works fine except of stylus problems

Author: Todor     Date: 2013-03-31
Author´s opinion:
I bought this model as a gift. It came with a solid box that's big and black, with a green border around the edges. There is a cable for charging and for PC connection as well as a piece of paper called the user manual by which the full version is in electronic form. There is another box inside which is the same white box, and in it, was a reader. This reader is positioned as Ā«For EducationĀ», i.e. for pupils and students, but I would not carry a 21 oz. (600 grams) and 10 inches, in my opinion it has to be intended to use for the purpose of home reading before bedtime for example. The design of the 912-th PocketBook is weird. I ...