Osram Lunetta LED Colormix

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Customer reviews: Osram Lunetta LED Colormix

The best night light for years

Author: Rony     Date: 2013-03-26
Author´s opinion:
Night lamp is a product we bought a long time ago. We used to live in an apartment with a long corridor, and at night, it was very inconvenient to go to the toilet as it is completely dark. We used this product at night and this is a very good thing as it actually lasts for years. Theoretically, you don"t need to shut it down manually, because this night light has a built-in light sensor wherein if the lights are on or if the room is bright, it automatically turns off. The very light head rotates and the direction of the light can be adjusted. Automatically as well, it gradually changes color, thanks to Led-elements. But ...