My Phone Is Not Modern, But Still Gears!

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product : Apple iPhone 2G
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Date: 2013-01-21

The Apple iPhone 2G is the first smartphone from the legendary company Macintosh. I bought it a year after its official release. At the time, this was the best machine in the market. Not so bad camera and had great touch screen. At that time, these phones were little, and now current models are no different, except that the camera is more powerful and of course the processor and memory are larger and more intuitive.

In those time, I was pleased on the phone’s capacitive multitouch screen. As I remember, many envied the presence of multitouch technology. The camera functions well but not perfect; in the daylight, it gets pretty great photos, but in the evening or at night it did not even try to take photos, Maybe because this is a phone in the first place, not a camera.

Regarding the phone’s screen, it has a very good screen with 16 million colors,. But of course with the new models of the iPhone and other phones with better colors and screen features. But when it came out, it was a dream come true for many people. The operating system worked quite well. Would freeze sometimes but very rarely. This probably happened since it was used for games and applications owing to the loss of its entire memory. On my phone I had 8Gb of memory. This storage space was so enough I could listen to music and play games, sometimes even download a full movie but had to convert, since I had a large resolution phone, if opened. Movies would download however it opened with great difficulty, some are very difficult to view.

Upset by the use of Bluetooth phone, because it can be used only for communication with the headset, not for data transfer. To transfer data you need to install third-party software. This is due to the company policy, the protection of copyright in music and so on.

Wi-Fi worked well enough, and used it a few dozen times, there were a few number of available HotSpots. Especially pleased with the case and material assemblies on the phone. The use of such a large number of metal, made the phone quite heavy, but more compact and reliable. Video formats supported by the phone are a few. Audio was not too bad at all. .

Very disappointed that there was no support for MMS. Although in general, at that time the phone was of course very, very tough, but today it is far behind other smart phones in the market.

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