Mustek GSmart Mini 3

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The smallest camera i have ever had

Author: Feejo     Date: 2013-02-24
Author´s opinion:
This was my first digital camera. It was bought in the year 2004. It is very small, the size of about 7 x 5 cm. It is so small I have felt like a spy, because the photography does not even make any noise. Conveniently, it was always possible to carry anywhere you want to go and because it takes little space in my purse and weighs next to nothing. Well, this camera actually has a bit of weight, I had just been weighed at only 40.7 g It can be used for 30 frames. It has two modes - portrait and landscape modes. It is very easy to use, charging from PC via USB port. When I use this camera I use the infrared to transfer pictures ...