Logitech USB headset H360

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Customer reviews: Logitech USB headset H360

An uncomfortable headset but great for girls

Author: Armand     Date: 2013-02-22
Author´s opinion:
I bought this headset, simply because nothing was cheaper than this. I had to quickly use something to talk and it able to connect via USB. In general, I must say that is is a headset for the girls, because it does not damage your hair. Because there is not at the top of the headset on the head and it stays at the back instead close to the neck; so styling is retained. Actually my ears are tired with this method of wearing a headset. I do not like to use it for another hour. My ears would ache so I would take them off. But when I would wear them again, the pain over my ears would come back. There is a volume control and ...