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product : Apple iPhone 4S
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Date: 2013-01-21

I gave my girlfriend an iPhone for her birthday. The first impression I got from the phone when I picked it up was that it rests firmly on my hand; it rests perfectly on my palm. I especially want to note the excellent design of this smartphone, as well as excellent assembly. It has no hint of scratches and similar troubles. Next, I would like to mention the excellent 8MP camera which can take high resolution photos and video. I am also pleased with its good and powerful flash. Even in the evening we can take great pictures, which can be compared with the performance of an unprofessional camera.

Its two core processor I was immediately noticed, the clarity and speed of its programs were provided in full. There were no delays in commands . Even when I played games, which I later found out. For free games you need to download from the iPhone’s official site where there are hundreds of games to choose from.
The Smartphone iOS 5 is satisfactory. The only thing that was a problem for me was its voice control SIRI. It did not worked as I planned and in my opinion may work over the Internet. The phone is very easy to operate, it is ideal for both children and adult of all ages. The iPhone can be completely customizable which makes it very convenient. Regarding its disadvantages the battery drains faster and  of course the phone consumes a lot of power like all smartphones in its class.

Another disadvantage is that the phone gets so hot after playing several games. For this, you need unlimited mobile internet because so many applications are connected to the Internet. The variety of application makes the phone look like new for a long time. The first few months will make you eager to look something new and interesting. Wi-Fi works fine. Loved having the possibility of a HotSpot, making it possible to distribute the Internet to other devices from the phone, using it as a modem.
If you think of its other features then the phone is beyond praise. The only thing that you need to remember is to purchase a sturdy housing to protect it from every day wear and tear.

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