How to remove cold sores on the lip


How to get rid of cold sores on the lip

Almost everyone experienced cold sores; these are unpleasant tingling and tightening of the skin on the lip, followed by the development of vesicular rashes. Experts say that the herpes virus is present in the body of almost every one, however some may never manifest itself outwardly, while others develop cold sores periodically when the person is cold, overheated, fatigued, suffering from vitamin deficiency, etc. It may also depend on a person’s immunity, therefore it is necessary to strengthen your immune system. But what if you have cold sores on the lip? Here are some tips on how to eliminate the symptoms of cold sores on the lips or herpes with medication and traditional methods.

You´ll need

  • Aloe or kalanchoe leaves
  • Propolis tincture
  • Juice of celandine
  • Blend of special herbs
  • Toothpaste


  • Herpes is a virus that could be difficult to remove; you need medication to help eradicate the virus and to control its symptoms. The most common remedy for cold sores on the lips is an antiviral ointment. There are several antiviral ointment brands: Zovirax, Herpevir, Acyclovir and more. Using the ointment will control the symptoms; there is less pain, less itching and less symptoms of inflammation; you will also eventually feel better. Antiviral ointments will also contribute to the speedy healing of the lesions on the mouth. After applying the ointment, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands.
  • The substance actively fighting the herpes is acyclovir, you can drink and tablets. Drink it every four hours, starting at the first signs of herpes. The course is 3-4 days. Much better to take pills with using external resources – ointments.
  • Do not break the bubbles of the herpes because they contain a liquid which is a carrier of the virus. After contact with droplets of the liquid to another area of ​​the skin, herpes can settle there. Also, the place opened strongly subject to infection.
  • In addition, you can also use natural treatments for cold sores. A very popular natural treatment is propolis. Use a cotton pads moistened with propolis tincture, this should be applied to the affected area several times an hour. This procedure will significantly delay the development of herpes in the affected area and will prevent the virus to spread to other areas of the body.
  • For effective healing of cold sores on the lip, it is best to treat the virus when herpes sores are on its active stage; you may use the juice of aloe vera leaves. Similarly, you may also use the leaves of Kalanchoe. Crash the leaves and squeeze the leaf juice and allow the juice to moisten a cotton pad or a piece of cotton wool and apply to the affected area.
  • You can use the juice of celandine. To make this juice, you need stems, roots and leaves of flowering plants. Mince or chop in a blender. Filter out the blended juice through a cheesecloth to clean the juice. Apply to the wound using a cotton pads soaked with the juice. Apply this every hour.
  • If you do not have any natural treatment available then you may use ordinary items at home. For example, to reduce burning of cold sores on the lip you can use regular mint toothpaste. It forms a herpes “cap”, which does not allow air to penetrate the sore. As a result, herpes symptoms will gradually reduce.
  • The treatment against herpes is effective if along with medication you will use tea from the fruit of the juniper, cherry flowers and lemon balm leaves. Well suited in the treatment of cold sores are infusions of chrysanthemum petals and white sage. You should drink this 1 cup 2-3 times a day. These drinks are beneficial to the immune system. There are special herbal treatments, to eliminate recurrence of the disease. Usually the course of treatment is designed for 3-4 months of daily use of herbal infusions.
  • It will also be beneficial if you were to change into a herpes diet. It is recommended to avoid alcohol, spices and foods with a sour taste. You should eat more raw vegetables, a variety of salads, vegetable juices, and limit the consumption of salt, sugar and chocolates.


  • If you suffer from herpes attacks several times a year, it´s time to think about settling to a long-term herpes diet. Scientists have recently discovered that the virus is sensitive to a substance called arginine (an amino acid that is a part of protein). When there is an excess of this substance in the body, the herpes virus “wakes up” and results in cold sores on the lips. Recent studies also revealed the substance to deter attacks of herpes. This substance is called lysine, another amino acid. If a person’s daily diet is made up of about 3000 mg of lysine, herpes does not manifest itself. Accordingly, you also need a diet which is based on foods rich in lysine and arginine. Foods rich in these proteins are plaice, chicken, shrimp, low fat milk and yogurt. Chocolate, nuts, seeds, wheat-based products, gelatin should be avoided because of the high content of arginine.
  • Women are often more concerned not just on how to cure herpes, but how to disguise cold sores. As a result women will apply several layers of foundation, makeup and lipstick on the affected area. Unfortunately, the use of cosmetics can aggravate the virus and will only cause it to move to other areas of the face.
  • If you need to see a dentist for a dental appointment your cold sores in the mouth will surely be affected by tools and gloves as the dentist applies treatment in your mouth and teeth.
  • Remember that herpes is transmitted easily. If you are affected with the disease, be sure to avoid sharing dishes, towels, cosmetics, etc. and temporarily refrain from kissing.

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  1. Thomas L. Michael 20 January 2013 :

    It is advisable to consult a physician when one suspects as having herpes. However, if it is caused by extreme cold temperature, the vesicles should not be pricked as they usually heal by themselves, especially if you take lots of vitamin-rich juice and fruits.

  2. I always discourage my patients from removing cold sores from the lips if they are not certain of the cause. If the sores are triggered by freezing temperatures, apply a lip balm. There are also creams I can recommend if you are interested.

  3. I realized that cold sores triggered by freezing temperatures do not need treatment. Mine cleared after a couple of days.

  4. The itchy sensation on my lip was as a result of pricking the cold sore. I was informed that the fluid discharges on the vesicles, thereby making them irritated.

  5. garry 21 April 2014 :

    It is always best to consult a doctor is one suspects a herpes outbreak, but of course, there’s always a chance that it’s just a simple cold sore. Everyone experiences cold sores, but if anyone experiences them often, almost too much, then it’s probably best to talk to a doctor right away.


    Great article by the way.

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