How to make soap with snake skin (it’s safe for snake)


How to cook the soap with snake skin

The new 2013 year is the year of snake and this is a great time to create soap with snake’s skin. Soap with snake’s skin is very unusual and almost magical. It is a great gift for any holiday party. (no one snake were harmed)

You´ll need

  • Coconut oil – 1.58 oz. (45 g.)
  • Palm oil – 1.58 oz. (45 g.)
  • Shea Butter – 1.05 oz. (30 g.)
  • Palm kernel oil – 0.52 oz. (15 g.)
  • Olive oil – 1.37 oz. (39 g.)
  • Rapeseed oil – 1.05 oz. (30 g.)
  • Castor oil – 1.05 oz. (30 g.)
  • Sesame oil – 1.05 oz. (30 g.)
  • Sweet almond oil – 1.05 oz. (30 g.)
  • Stearic acid – 0.21 oz. (6 g.)
  • Snake skin – 0.31 oz. (9 g.)
  • NaOH – 1.4 oz. (40 g.)
  • Water – 3.7 oz. (105 g.)
  • Super Fat 8% (input into the soap calculator at the start)
  • Fragrance – 0.21 oz. (6 g.)
  • Red and black clay
  • Pigments


  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Throughout its life snakes molt usually every 3-6 months. Snakes drop a thin, translucent old skin. That skin is composed of keratinized epithelial cells, which contain a large amount of keratin. Under the influence of alkali, keratin breaks down into the amino acids (cystine, glutamic acid, glycine, leucine, arginine, and others). Soap with snake’s skin may have characteristics similar to soap with natural silk.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Melt butters on water bath, then add stearic acid.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Pour the alkali in the water of room temperature.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Wait until dissolved alkali and alkaline solution becomes clear.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Add pre-shredded snake skin.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    In an alkaline solution snake skin turns into a viscous, sticky mass. Stir occasionally and wait 10-15 minutes for dissolution of skin.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Snake’s skin needs a fairly high temperature to be dissolved in alkali, so don’t cool down the water for alkaline solution before use.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Strain the mixture through a nylon sieve.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Rub snake skin particles through the sieve to separate insoluble particles.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Check the temperature of the alkaline solution and melted butters – they should be about the same.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Permissible temperature difference is only a few degrees.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Carefully pour melted butters into the alkaline solution.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Use a silicone spatula for mixing.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    At that stage you can use a hand blender and stir until the soap reaches slight “trace”.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    The easy way to define the readiness of your soap is to look at the drops on its surface. Drops fallen on the surface must keep their trace on it for a while and then disappear.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Add perfume to the soap, ensure that these are well mixed again. Then divide the soap mass into several parts.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Preparing dyes. Stir red and black clay in a little amount of butter. Black color clay can be enhanced using black pigment dye.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Pour clay blend in a soap, mix it thoroughly.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Lay the mold with parchment paper and fill with soapy mass of different colors.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    When all the soap mass are in the mold, tap the container on the table. this will remove all air bubbles.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Top surface of the soap may be decorated.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    The finished soap must be wrapped in a towel and put it on a hot radiator (if winter) or in a preheated oven. Please notice that preheated oven must be turned off.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    You need to wait for about 24 hours to remove soap bar out of mold.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Cut it into pieces and place in individual plastic wraps. Snake skin soap requires about a month of ripening before use.

  • How to cook the soap with snake skin

    Soap with snake skin has a soft creamy fine foam which is great in removing of dirt and maintaining moisture of your skin.


  • The reaction between the skin of a snake and alkali hydrogen releases hydrogen sulfides. The room for the manufacture of soap has to have adequate airing.
  • Choose skin of a healthy snake for this recipe. Good shedding is an indicator of excellent snake’s health and a maximum amount of keratin in the skin.

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  1. jonquil 12 February 2013 :

    Reptiles can carry staph. Does the soap making process eliminate this risk?

  2. Maria 12 February 2013 :

    In this recipe we dissolve snake’s skin in highly concentrated alkaline solution, there is no possibility to stay alive for any pathogens. So you can use snake’s skin without misgivings. But i recommend you to buy snake’s skin in special nurseries where reptiles’ health are monitored well.

  3. Tabitha 15 June 2013 :

    Umm, why do we need to use black and brown clay? Can’t we just use pigment on the soap mixture? If I just use colored pigments, will it make any difference?

  4. Irina 20 June 2013 :

    I have dry and sensitive skin. This is why, I was wondering about whether you could tell me whether I can add on more oil or other moisturizing ingredient in this mixture.

  5. Ylia 28 June 2013 :

    It was a rather nice tutorial. I never thought that snakeskin soap could actually be made. I would love to try out this soap but I don’t know whether I can get snakeskin near to where I live.

  6. Martin 30 June 2013 :

    When I saw the tutorial name, I just thought that you will just be using snakeskin pattern on the soap but you actually used snakeskin and I find it cool.

  7. Uma 05 July 2013 :

    Thanks for such a nice and easy tutorial. Loved the fact that you gave us detailed information on how to actually make the soap and what ingredients to use in it.

  8. Zita G 08 July 2013 :

    What kind of perfume did you use? Can we use any perfume or do we have to use raw perfume, I mean some kind of special perfume for making soap?

  9. izabel 09 July 2013 :

    Can you please tell what colored clay you use? Can we use any kind of colored clay or is there any specific kind for making soap? Will any colored clay do?

  10. Gregory 10 July 2013 :

    Can we use any other thing to blend the mixture? No matter how excited I am to make this soap, I don’t think that I will be able to use that blender on blending food anymore.

  11. Pol Star 11 July 2013 :

    Previously when I saw snakeskin manicure tutorial and thought that it was something creative but this is much more creative. I don’t think that I can make this soap though.

  12. Qiwi 13 July 2013 :

    I probably sound stupid and weird but what should be the temperature to expect in mixing melted butter with alkaline solution? Was that a Celsius or Fahrenheit scale you used?

  13. Meri 15 July 2013 :

    What snakeskin did you use? Can we use any kind of snakeskin? My friend has a pet skin and can I use that or will that pose any kind of threat?

  14. Kitty 16 July 2013 :

    I think that it is a rather creative tutorial. Not something that I have seen before. However, I have a really sensitive skin so I don’t think that I will be able to use it.

  15. Elizabet 17 July 2013 :

    I am interested to make this but I dunno from where I will find the ingredients. Can you please give me the name of the fragrance you used and also the name of the colored clay brand?

  16. Linda 18 July 2013 :

    I find using snakeskin soap to be creepy. But that’s just me. Is it safe to use? I saw one user saying something about reptiles carrying staph.

  17. Miranda 20 July 2013 :

    How are we supposed to shred snakeskin? Will 2-3 inch strips do or should I shred it into smaller pieces? In addition, exactly how much of snakeskin do we need?

  18. Barrac 22 July 2013 :

    Is that your pet snake? No one I know has a pet snake so I am not sure from where to get one. I would love to try this tutorial when I get my hands on snakeskin.

  19. Marianna 24 July 2013 :

    I agree with the previous commenter. That pic with the soap and your snake came out cute and the soap’s color matches with it. Can you make more colorful ones?

  20. x-men 25 July 2013 :

    I was wondering whether any type of snakeskin would do. I do not know of any special reptile nursery around here. Will it be safe enough to use

  21. Dora Rossi 29 July 2013 :

    My friends are creeped out of snakes and therefore, no matter how much I am trying to convince them saying t hat it will be a fun project for us, they don’t find it interesting

  22. Maya 30 July 2013 :

    Aww, I know. I myself am creeped out. There is nothing wrong in this soap and no offense to anyone but just me knowing that it has snakeskin particle is creeping me out.

  23. Mrs B 08 September 2013 :

    Zita G, You need to use essential oils or fragrance oils (made for soaping) to scent the soap. Please do not use perfume.

  24. Latina 16 September 2013 :

    According to the comments, it’s quite embarrassing to find some ingredients. But the soap really looks like a snake.

  25. Lory 08 October 2013 :

    I think in case there is no snake skin, you can make a soap just imitating its colors with some colorants. What do you think?

  26. Stefany 12 November 2013 :

    Well, it’s possible, but it would be more natural, so to say, with the real snake.

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