How to make loofah soap


How to make soap with Loofah

Loofah is used for centuries as a natural hypoallergenic material in the manufacture of sponges. The hard fibers of loofah are perfectly clean, massage and remove undesirable cells on the skin; it also improves blood circulation in the skin. Soap made of loofah is not just beneficial to the skin but is also unique and interesting to look at. Oftentimes loofah are used to make loofah citrus soap. Loofah drenched with a transparent soap base looks like a cut orange. If you add essential oils of orange, it will smell like a real orange fruit as well.

You´ll need

  • Transparent soap base – 3.52 oz. (100 g.)
  • Peach core oil – 1 tsp
  • Essential oil of orange
  • Natural dye
  • Hot water
  • Loofah


  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Cut a piece of loofah. Height of the piece must match your soap-mold.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Pour hot water to your loofah and see how the loofah instantly straighten.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Squeeze loofah to get rid of water and spread it out in your soap mold.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Melt transparent soap base using water bath method.

  • After the soap base melts, add peach kernel oil, essential oil of orange and natural dye (i’ve used annatto extract in this recipe, it will give a bright orange color to your soap).
  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Place the colored soap base into the loofah soap mold.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Allow the soap to cool. Fastest way to cool the soap is to place it inside the refrigerator.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    After the soap has hardened and cooled, take ready piece out of mold.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Orange soap with loofah is often used to reduce cellulite formation on the skin. Essential oil of orange has been proven to have anti-cellulite properties while loofah increases blood circulation along the surface of the skin and improves overall skin tone.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    With these instructions, you can also make lemon soap loofah using lemon essential oil. Yellow dye is added to create lemon soap effect.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    You can make different shapes and sizes of loofah soap and not just round citrus soaps, you can uses different soap molds as well as different flavors to make new and exciting soaps.

  • How to make soap with Loofah

    Loofah soap is great to prepare the skin for other skin care products like skin creams, lotions and other cosmetics.


  • Loofah soap on the other hand is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. People with this type of skin should used pre-milled loofah soap.
  • You can find 2 kinds of loofah on sale. First one is made out of old fruits and the second from young fruits, you better to choose young one, because it has less scratch features and more favourable for skin.

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  1. I realized that this particular soap is one of the greatest innovations. Unlike ordinary soaps, it contains the Loofah scrubbing effect. As such, I’m not compelled into purchasing an additional Loofah for scrubbing purposes.

  2. Gail 16 February 2013 :

    While doing my research on the effects of loofah, I realized that the material is used alongside other vegetables in home construction as well as making of furniture in Paraguay.

  3. Until recently, I did not know that cucumber can be so versatile.

  4. Adam Smith 14 April 2013 :

    I never knew that you can actually eat green loofahs! It is spelt differently, as ‘Luffa’ and this is from where the word ‘loofah’ came. We use the skeleton of that fruits :-)

  5. Morgan 02 May 2013 :

    Yeah! You can even create furniture from it. I read that you can use it with plastic to create furniture and you can even build house with it. So amazing.

  6. Margul 07 June 2013 :

    I think that this is a great soap. It will help to exfoliate the dead skin cells without having to rely on a loofah. It would also make my bathroom look more cute if I make and keep them as a batch in a glass jar.

  7. Puppy 03 July 2013 :

    I agree with the previous commenter. I have seen people keep different fruit and vegetable shaped soaps as decoration pieces in their bathroom. This will make a nice addition as it looks really good.

  8. izabel 11 July 2013 :

    The only exfoliating soaps that I came across are the liquid ones that are also known as body washes. Good to see that there are bar ones as well. I would love to get my hands on one.

  9. Laura 25 July 2013 :

    Rather than using it as every day soap on daily basis, I will use these little cuties as my travelling mate. It will help to save up a lot of luggage space as I will not have to carry around my loofah and my soap.

  10. Deda 26 July 2013 :

    I loved the last pic of loofah soap. What did you use as the yellow and green balls? Were they previously made and you just put it in? And when should you put that small balls in the soap? When it is semi dry or when it is drying for the first time?

  11. Mona 04 August 2013 :

    I am the queen of sensitive skin. I can’t use this soap until it has been cleared as safe by my dermatologist. I should call him and talk with him about the ingredients that you use.

  12. Sury 06 August 2013 :

    I think that what the previous commenter said is logical. I also have sensitive skin and once I used homemade soap and suffered from terrible rash and allergy.

  13. Zita G 08 August 2013 :

    Can you please name the brand of color dye that you used? And if I want to have more transparent-ish orange color, what should I do? Should I apply less color or should I make any change in any of the ingredients?

  14. Bella 22 August 2013 :

    Even though I would love to try my hand in making this soap, I don’t think I can as I am bad in making things. I will just give this tutorial off to my sister to make a soap for me

  15. Tutti-Frutti 29 August 2013 :

    Too bad I have sensitive skin. I have to be really careful of what I use. I sometimes even get skin issues if I get drenched by rain water so no cute soaps for me

  16. Alibaba 01 September 2013 :

    The soap looks magnificent, it’s like a fire ball or something like that! And I hope it is as helpful, too.

  17. marie 16 April 2014 :

    Solly, actually loofah is a member of the squash family. I love this idea though!! Too Cool :)

  18. jack 22 April 2014 :

    I am an agricultural engineer. I interesting about growth looffa (luffa cylindrica). And if u want we can talk about that…

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