How to make crushed loofah soap


How to make soap with crushed Loofah

You have already learned how to make soap with loofah which has excellent cleaning and skin massaging features. However this soap is not for everyone, crushed loofah soap is not recommended for people with very sensitive skin. This type of soap can be an alternative to uncomfortable washcloths because shredded loofah soap is less rigid than ordinary face towels.

You´ll need

  • Transparent soap base – 3.2 oz. (100 g.)
  • Any base oil (recommended macadamia or peach seed) – 1 tsp
  • Essential oil of fir tree – 5 drops
  • Essential oil of orange – 5 drops
  • Green and yellow cosmetic dyes
  • Loofah


  • How to make soap with crushed Loofah

    Grind dry loofah into small pieces with scissors. Place it in a soap mold.

  • How to make soap with crushed Loofah

    Melt the soap base using “water bath”. Water bath method is the following: pour a water in a big pot and place a smaller bowl with soap base inside of big pot. Melt soap base on low heat.

  • Add the oil of peach kernels, a few drops of green dye and essential oil of fir tree in the soap base.
  • How to make soap with crushed Loofah

    Pour soap base in the mold with loofah.

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    While the first layer cools in the mold, melt soap base using water bath for the second layer. Input the macadamia oil, orange dye and essential oil of orange in the melted soap base.

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    Scratch the first layer of soap with a knife. It is necessary to get stronger link between layers.

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    Sprinkle surface of the soap with the raw spirit.

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    Pour the last layer – orange soap base.

  • How to make soap with crushed Loofah

    Air bubbles can appear on the soap surface, remove it by sprinkling raw spirit.

  • How to make soap with crushed Loofah

    Took cold soap out of molds. Two-colored snowflakes have a Christmass fur-tree-orange flavor and the loofah in soap looks like fir needles. Outcomes will please you for sure, soap is wintry and very festive.

  • How to make soap with crushed Loofah

    The grinded loofah can be added to any form of soap. Soap looks more attractive and interesting with it.


  • Don’t use soap with Loofah if you have skin problems like acne, boils, skin diseases, etc.
  • Easiest way to grind the loofah is by using ordinary scissors on dry loofah.
  • Grinded loofah can possibly float in a hot soap base. Simplest solution is to add more loofah to get the soap with a uniformly distributed loofah in it.

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  1. Anne-Marie Faiola 18 March 2013 :

    I love how it turned out, the colors are super fun! =)

  2. dragon 09 May 2013 :

    Thanks for such a wonderful tutorial. I have never thought that soaps can be made using loofah. This is a great idea to try at home. You can even use these soaps as gifts as well.

  3. Elizabet 29 July 2013 :

    These soaps can definitely be used as nice gifts. The colors are so cute and inviting! I think you can use different soap colors and different soap molds on the basis of different occasions and give them away as gifts.

  4. Sindy 01 August 2013 :

    I use a small towel as loofah to exfoliate dead skin from body. I have never used the kind of loofah that you have shown. Are those loofah pieces used just for decoration purposes or do they really exfoliate?

  5. Dora 05 August 2013 :

    Too bad I am prone to having acne. No matter how good these soaps look and no matter how much tempted I am to try these out, I can’t :’(

  6. Windy 21 August 2013 :

    Would not the crushed loofah used in between scratch the skin? I have not used any soap like this but I they kind of look like they might scratch me.

  7. TessB 29 August 2013 :

    Can you recommend any good cosmetic dye color brand? I can get rashes from even good branded soaps so I only use dermatologically approved brands only.

  8. Jenifer Pat 05 September 2013 :

    That can be an ideal New Year present. But personally I cannot use it, as my skin is too sensitive. But, who knows, maybe my doctor will have another opinion…

  9. Daria 26 January 2014 :

    Hi, I’m new to soap making and was just wondering why people put things like flower petals, cinnamon sticks, anise slices, whole cloves, shredded loofah, etc. in soaps. I know it adds to the scent or creative beauty of the soap, but was wondering if these things ever clog up the drains. Cinnamon sticks are easily removed but some of the others aren’t. Have you ever heard of anyone having a drain problem from using these types of soap? Just curious as I heard soapers should have liability insurance. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but as I said, I’m new and was just curious. Thanks.

  10. Maria 26 January 2014 :

    Hi Daria. Soap can contain dried flowers/greens or even shredded loofah, but only a few little pieces get to the sewer during one usage. Therefore this is not a problem usually, i’ve never heard about some kind of sewer troubles because of soap decorative pieces. Anyway, when you wash dishes, there is more risk to get drains clogged, because food pieces are much more bigger than the soap ones.

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