How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair


How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair

Having dry hair means your hair is dull and unhealthy. Your hair looks lifeless and brittle.  More often, dry hair is accompanied by dryness of the scalp and will also lead to the formation of dandruff. Using shampoo with moisturizing ingredients and sea-buckthorn oil will help normalize the scalp and hair. It will also remove itching, prevents dandruff formation, will make hair softer, shinier and healthy looking.

You´ll need

  • Camomile hydrosol – 1.76 oz. (50 g.)
  • Organic shampoo base – 1.05 oz. (30 g.)
  • Soluble castor oil – 0.1 oz. (3 g.)
  • Pracaxi oil – 0.1 oz. (3 g.)
  • Sea-buckthorn oil – 0.07 oz. (2 g.)
  • Cetyl alcohol – 0.07 oz. (2 g.)
  • D-panthenol – 0.1 oz. (3 g.)
  • Betaine – 0.07 oz. (2 g.)
  • Extract of honey – 0.09 oz. (2.5 g.)
  • Lactic acid – 0.03 oz. (1 g.)
  • Phenoxyethanol – 0.03 oz. (0.8 g.)
  • Essential oil of sweet oranges – 0.02 oz. (0.7 g.)


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    Heat the camomile hydrosol by using the water bath method.

  • How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair

    At this time heat the oils and cetyl alcohol in a different bowl.

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    I’d like to draw your attention to the prakaksi oil (pentaclethra macroloba). This oil is one of the most effective oils to improve dry hair.

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    Take another bowl and mix a little of camomile hydrosol with d-panthenol, betaine, extract of honey and phenoxyethanol.

  • How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair

    When the granules of cetyl alcohol are dissolved completely, pour this into the hydrosol.

  • How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair

    You may use a small handheld mixer and mix everything very well.

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    Add the organic shampoo base and stir completely until the mixture reaches homogeneous condition.

  • How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair

    When shampoo has cooled down to 100 F (40 C) degrees, pour an active ingredients dissolved in camomile hydrosol.

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    Add lactic acid.

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    Add essential oils of sweet oranges.

  • How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair

    Mix everything completely and pour ready made shampoo in clean and disinfected bottles.

  • How to make a shampoo for dry and damaged hair

    Your shampoo will be colored yellow with a bright orange aroma. It will foam very well as it cleans your hair. You will notice that only after a few uses your dry hair will be totally transformed into a smoother, manageable, shiny and easier to style.


  • If your hair is much damaged, you may apply hair balm and conditioner after wash with this shampoo.

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  1. Because of my sensitive skin, I’ve made a habit of calling my dermatologist enquiring more about a particular skincare product before buying it. No matter how mild an allergy might be, it can be life-threatening. I’m one of those people who believe that prevention is always far much better than cure.

  2. Karol 26 March 2013 :

    Correct. I’ve always made a point of checking with a dermatologist even though a product may state that it is 100% organic.

  3. Ricci 31 March 2013 :

    I’ve a habit of using products that have been clinically tested and proven. But since herbal products are different, I always read consumer reviews before making my purchase.

  4. Nonna Ruggis 14 July 2013 :

    I have dry hair, therefore always take extra care of it, and do protein treatment at home twice a month. Using a good quality hair conditioner for dry hair will also help to get rid of frizzes.

  5. Carolyn 23 January 2015 :

    What is Prakaksi oil ?

  6. Maria 29 January 2015 :

    Sorry for mistake, Pracaxi oil of course.

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