How to make a refreshing shampoo with menthol


How to make a refreshing shampoo with menthol

Using menthol shampoo is a great way to solve several hair and scalp problems. It will help to reduce greasiness of hair and scalp, regulates the scalp’s sebaceous glands and will help to keep hair stay clean for long intervals in between washes. Menthol shampoo will provide a feeling of freshness and coolness to your hair and scalp in the summer.

You´ll need

  • Mint hydrosol – 1.9 oz. (54 g.)
  • Shampoo base (organic) – 1.06 oz. (30 g.)
  • Macadamia oil (soluble) – 0.11 oz. (3 g.)
  • Menthol crystal – 0.11 oz. (3 g.)
  • D-panthenol – 0.07 oz. (2 g.)
  • Peptides of cotton protein – 0.07 oz. (2 g.)
  • Blackberry extract – 0.11 oz. (3 g.)
  • Phenoxyethanol – 0.2 oz. (0.8 g.)
  • Xanthan gum – 0.1 oz. (0.5 g.)
  • Peppermint essential oil – 0.1 oz. (0.5 g.)
  • Raspberry ketone (10%) – 4 drops


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    Warm up the mint hydrosol a bit using the method of water bath.

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    Place the water soluble macadamia oil and menthol crystals together and warm it up using the method of water bath.

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    Take a little of mint hydrosol and dissolve d- panthenol, peptides, phenoxyethanol and blackberry extract in it.

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    Place shampoo base in the warm hydrosol. Stir carefully to avoid forming the foam.

  • How to make a refreshing shampoo with menthol

    Now add the menthol dissolved in oil.

  • How to make a refreshing shampoo with menthol

    Add the premixed ingredients as well.

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    The last thing to add to the batch is the essential oil of peppermint.

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    Now add the raspberry ketone.

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    Thicken the shampoo by adding xanthan gum.

  • How to make a refreshing shampoo with menthol

    Your shampoo is ready. It will provide a bright mint flavor and abundant foam. It will make your scalp very refreshed as well hair bright and clean.


  • You may also make beautiful pearl shine shampoo by adding a bit of mica.
  • Remember to shake the shampoo bottle first before using.

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  1. I really like the shampoo with menthol, especially in the summer heat. He is very refreshing hair.

  2. I love the way menthol shampoo feels on my hair. The minty scent still remains on my hair even after rinsing it with warm water. As a matter of fact, I always smell the minty scent the entire afternoon after washing my hair.

  3. In spite of its tantalizing scent, my dermatologist still cautioned me against using menthol shampoo. For starters, I should not use the shampoo if I have tears on my skin. Secondly, I should stop using the product the moment I feel burning sensations on my scalp.

  4. Barbara Soul 05 April 2013 :

    I concur. After using the menthol shampoo, I did feel slight burning sensations on my scalp after it came into contact with a fresh scar.

  5. Irina 08 July 2013 :

    What exactly is xantham gum? If I do not want to my shampoo to be think but a bit less thick then should I not add this ingredient or will I have to add it no matter what?

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