How to make a refreshing powder-talc foot


How To Make A Refreshing Powder-Talc Foot

The most common issue in winter is excessive sweating of the feet. This is always a common complaint after wearing warm shoes or thick boots. Unpleasant odor is caused by bacteria that inhabit the skin and these organisms thrive in heat and humid environments. Powder-talc will quickly absorb moisture and will limit the development of bacteria. it will prevent the root cause of bad foot odors as well.

You´ll need

  • Cosmetic talc – 3.03 oz. (86 g.)
  • Kaolin (white clay) – 0.35 oz. (10 g.)
  • Zinc oxide – 0.1 oz. (3 g.)
  • Essential oil of cedar – 0.02 oz. (0.5 g.)
  • Essential oil of juniper – 0.02 oz. (0.5 g.)


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    Weigh talc, white clay and zinc oxide carefully before mixing them together.

  • How To Make A Refreshing Powder-Talc Foot

    Mix well in a bowl, you should get a homogenous consistency. The mixture looks crumbly in appearance.

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    Pour essential oils in a separate container.

  • How To Make A Refreshing Powder-Talc Foot

    Turn the container and allow the oil to adhere to the walls of the container. This will allow the essential oils to uniformly distribute in bulk powder.

  • How To Make A Refreshing Powder-Talc Foot

    Place the powdered mixture into the container of essential oils. Mix these together.

  • How To Make A Refreshing Powder-Talc Foot

    The resulting powder is smooth, silky, easy to spread on the skin and without leaving a white trace on skin.

  • How To Make A Refreshing Powder-Talc Foot

    Talcum powder enriched with essential oils of juniper and cedar will effectively eliminate problems of sweaty feet and will provide a cool feeling of freshness and cleanliness.


  • You may apply the powder-talc in the morning to clean and well dried feet. This powder is suitable for daily use.

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  1. I started using juniper oils on my feet after being informed that the berry is sometimes used in beer production. I must admit that it makes my feet to smell nice. Then again, I still apply other essential oils on my feet.

  2. After my online research, I realized that juniper can also help in slowing the progression of bacteria.

  3. Rony 23 March 2013 :

    I was informed by a reputable dermatologist that using juniper in combination with other essential oils, you will not only realize the benefits of juniper, but the scent of other fruits.

  4. Olga 05 May 2013 :

    I love the juniper oil from berries than from the ones collected from needle or wood. The berry juniper oils offer a nice and refreshing scent. However, those who are pregnant and kidney problem should not use juniper oil.

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