How to make a gift soap for children


How To Make Soap Gift For Children

There are a large selection of plastic and silicone molds so that may be used in making soap from soap base. This is why it is not difficult to find a mold for any theme or holiday anymore. The most popular occasions for parents are their child’s birthday, christening and first days of life celebrations. Handmade soap is an original of itself, but when it made out in angels and children molds it would admire anyone for sure.

You´ll need

  • White and transparent soap base
  • Base oils
  • Cosmetic pigments
  • Cosmetic fragrances
  • Plastic and silicone molds


  • How To Make Soap Gift For Children

    Those who have ever poured melted soap into molds before will easily handle this project. Layered filling is the key to making different soap colors. Pour one coloured layer, sprinkle the surface with raw spirit, do the next layer, then repeat till done. Raw spirit needs to stick layers together, otherwise the ready made soap can fall to pieces.

  • How To Make Soap Gift For Children

    You can use blue or pink cosmetic pigments in the same mold to make soap for both girls and boys.

  • How To Make Soap Gift For Children

    A popular soap design is a baby sleeping in a cabbage. Notice that the soap coloring is required to use non-migrating pigments to get stable picture.

  • How To Make Soap Gift For Children

    Another way to improve soap is adding pearl mica or glitters to give soap a more festive and elegant look.

  • How To Make Soap Gift For Children

    One more important thing is the correct selection of the fragrance to the desired color of the soap. For example choosing strawberry flavor to match a pink soap and so on.


  • You have to ensure the finished soap will not dry out. It should be packed in plastic wrap or a specially sealed plastic bag with Velcro to preserve the soap.

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  1. Dana C. Gillam 20 January 2013 :

    Indeed. With the right mold, color and packaging, these hand made soaps can serve as gifts as well as giveaways during birthdays, baptisms and shop launches. With personalized acetate boxes, they’re good to go!

  2. I just realized that this is an excellent gift idea for schools, baptism and weddings. But, I still make a point of informing my kids that home-made fruit-soaps are not sweet candies lest they accidentally ingest them.

  3. My kids often confuse those beautiful shapes as well as striking colors for decorated chocolates. But, I keep reminding them that they are not candies.

  4. In order to emphasize my point, I always make a point of opening up the container and teaching my kids of correct hand washing skills.

  5. TessB 06 August 2013 :

    I thought that my niece and nephew were the only ones who confuse the brightly colored children’s soaps as candies as they not only look good but smell good as well.

  6. opra 20 August 2013 :

    Where did you get these soap molds from? I have been looking around but could not find them in my locality. I think I should take out some time to browse more shops.

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