How to choose a christmas toys and how to place them on the tree


How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

As they say, New Years day is on the nose. It’s just a couple of days more and it’s time to put up your Christmas tree. For many people, the Christmas mood begins from the moment the home is decorated with a green tree and Christmas ornaments. A Christmas tree should be easy to decorate or to dress up and should be attractive in shape and color. There are so many Christmas ornament ideas you could use: from toys, glass balls, plastic figurines, upholstered balls, decorative ribbons and introducing a whole new Christmas showcase, decor made of diverse tinsel. Here are some instructions on how to decorate your Christmas tree this yuletide season.

You´ll need

  • Christmas decorations of your choice
  • An artificial or a real Christmas tree
  • A strict attention to detail
  • A lot of imagination


  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    First, you need to decide what Christmas ornaments you can afford or are readily available at home. You can choose between glass ornaments or plastic ornaments. Toys are always readily available and glass toys are often chosen since these are much more beautiful, more refined and Christmas lights reflect on the glass surface making these ornaments interesting and diverse. Glass toys are considered classic Christmas tree ornaments. In the past all Christmas decorations were made of glass making a glass theme a tribute to tradition. Another wonderful feature with glass toy decorations is that they make chime noises when they collide with one another. Glass toy decorations may be more expensive than plastic since the technology in making glass is more expensive and costs more to manufacture. Glass however is very fragile and it could be a tough choice when you have small children and pets inside your home. Sharp and thin pieces may cause accidents and can harm a small child. It is therefore important to consider other toy decoration materials than glass if you have small children or pets.

    Plastic toys on the other hand are very versatile; you will be delighted since plastic toys come in different colors and designs. This kind of decor will never break even when they fall from the Christmas tree and are often cheaper than glass toys. You must remember to never buy low-grade plastic, which may lose most of decor elements even before Christmas.

  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    Glass balls will look stylish on any Christmas tree. A tree may be decorated using a single color scheme for example choosing only to use red balls or you may hang balls of different colors but with the same style or design. Finish your designs with pine cones and Christmas figurines of different characters.

  • Here is the basic rule in choosing Christmas tree balls – the taller and the wider your Christmas tree the larger your balls should be. If you already have large Christmas balls on hand but you are uncertain of the size of your tree then you can place large balls on the bottom portion of the tree to prevent over crowding the tree with large decors.
  • In choosing the right glass Christmas toy ornament, be sure to do this simple test. Take a thread or a ribbon that is used to hang toys from the tree. Sling it on the top part of the ornament, toy or jewelry. This will check whether the ornament is heavy or not; decorations must not be too heavy otherwise it will cause the branches of the Christmas tree to sag. If the decorations are too heavy, it will deflect and spoil the look of the tree.
  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    Make sure you also check the coating of paint on the decoration by gently scratching the surface of the toy. The toy is safe when there are no paint marks or paint traces on your hand or on a napkin.

  • Do not be hesitant in buying transparent Christmas decorations; these may look pale but may offer you a little twist. If you place transparent decorations in a tree with colored tinsel and colorful lanterns they become iridescent and reflect a wonderful glow.
  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    In choosing a Christmas tree made of plastic, always remember these important tips. Never buy low quality products since these may be made from toxic materials and may emit a powerful and smelly odor. These products are not 100% guaranteed so before you make your purchase, ask for the proper product information or documentation from the vendor. And in the midst of the Christmas and pre-New Year rush most people have little time to spend to learn about the products that they buy especially their quality.

  • When buying plastic balls, inspect that the decorative elements on the surface. These should match the picture located on the box or the plastic container of the product. The surface must also be free of any mistakes and glue residue.
  • When buying ribbons and other trimmings for your tree, textile ribbons or butterflies will look great in combination with Christmas balls of the same color. When hanging bows on the tree, avoid straight lines. Hang them in loops and swirls to make the tree look more majestic and grand.
  • If you would like to hang wooden toys or knitted decorations on your Christmas tree you must remember that these toys always outshine glass and plastic toy decorations. These toys provide a feeling of warmth and comfort but try to keep them in small numbers otherwise will outshine other decors in your tree.
  • You may also try decorating with edible toys which are great with families with little kids or for someone who just has a sweet tooth. You can splurge and use anything you want like tangerines, walnuts wrapped in foil, small chocolates, candies and even bagels. Don’t tell your kids until the last minute that you are decorating with edible ornaments; they will surely delight to know that they can eat your Christmas tree decorations! In recent years the most fashionable Christmas tree decor were dried fruits like dried apple slices, mandarin and lemons. These decorations not only give zest but will also fill the room with a unique aroma. You may use ordinary paper clips to mount this type of decoration.
  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    You may choose any kind of decor to top your Christmas tree. You may use a decorative dome, a steeple, a star or any kind of unique decoration. The main idea is to match the color scheme of your other decorations when looking for this most important part of your Christmas tree.

  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    If your New Year tree is green, then simply select toys and tinsel in different colors. Whatever you hang on the Christmas tree may be more or less combined. Silver and gold Christmas trees however require a more careful approach; your decorations should be in a small range of colors. It is best to experiment with different forms of toys and their external properties (whether glossy, matter or fluffy material). You may also find Christmas trees decorated with only one tinsel color.

  • In shopping for the best Christmas lights or glowing bulbs, remember that the most important requirement for it is safety. You need to consider the number of switching modes, the length of your garland and the color of your light bulbs. The lights should not exceed 65 watts; the more powerful the lights the more you are at risk of a fire when the bulbs overheat. Wire thickness must also be considered since wires may be easily torn when placed all over the Christmas tree. From the plug to the last bulb there should be at least 1.5m green wires which are not visible on the tree of green color. If you choose to use a white or silver tree then better purchase an electric garland with white wires.
  • Long New Year’s rain which is a long and fluffy tinsel decoration is recently losing its popularity since it can outshine other Christmas decorations in a tree. This decoration may also cause injury as small bits may be swallowed by pets and even children.
  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    But if you still want to use this decoration try this simple test. Pull the tinsel and see if it can withstand even a small amount of tension. The hair on the New Year’s rain should keep well and there should never be lose bits and pieces on the floor.

  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    You may use a wire garland to give this decoration a desired shape. Gently string this decor in a small wire and shape it accordingly.

  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    In selecting tinsel or ribbons for your tree again this simple rule applies: the larger the tree the larger your tinsel garland should be. If you have a small Christmas tree then you must only choose subtle jewelry.

  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    Decorative boots are not just great Christmas tree ornaments but are also perfect Christmas presents to little children. You can place small gifts inside like candies, jewelry or toys and hang them next to your tree or below the tree to prevent the boughs from collapsing due to the added weight.

  • How to choose a Christmas tree and how to place them on the tree

    The foot of the Christmas tree belongs to Santa. He could be made of porcelain, a plush toy, cloth or plastic with electric sounds and movements. You can place any kind of Santa depending on your taste and budget.


  • Remember that about 80% of Christmas tree ornaments are made in China and chances are most of them do not have a security certificate. So be careful in buying Christmas trees and decorations.
  • If you want to asymmetrically dress your tree then start decorating with large toys so you can easily observe the proportion of the decorations. Hang them first along the tree legs. Then place the smaller toys then hang tinsels and garlands. If you would rather decorate your tree in a chaotic manner, start by decorating with toys with the same color then move on to another color avoiding focusing ornaments with the same color in one place.

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