Hitachi DS 12DVF3

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Customer reviews: Hitachi DS 12DVF3

A convenient and simple screwdriver

Author: Richard Speidel     Date: 2013-02-20
Author´s opinion:
Screwdriver it is quite necessary and a very economical tool. If need to repair anything then you have the tool you need in your own hands - this thing is simply necessary to take with you anywhere. I often used an electric drill - I would use an electric drill for all repairs that I need to make but unfortunately I was always bothered by its weight and keeping the power cord away when I worked. My search led be to a Hitachi DS12DVF3 screwdriver. This is a fairly inexpensive model and is different from the professional tools that I used to use with its weight as well as its power. It included two batteries of 1.4 ampere, ...