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product : Apple iPhone 4S
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Date: 2013-01-21

Specifications of any gadget may not be interesting unless a person loves to use the product. Otherwise anyone can go to the Apple website and read about the product’s specs and learn all about these in detail.

The single button is a classic feature in an iPhone, you see it on the right side at the bottom. If you press it, it will become a Home button where ever you are in the menu or in the iPhone application or game, just press the button and you will immediately go to the main menu .

The front side and back of the device is covered with special glass, it is not plastic. This is very “expensive” to the touch. And the side of the device is made of real aluminum. Overall, the iPhone emits an impression of a solid thing, which is not seen anywhere.

You need to register your device with Apple or it will never download all its applications. This is the main difference between an iPhone 4S from counterfeit phones. Registration is not difficult, but it is quite difficult to set up the Internet since it is required in any registration. I had to sit and wait for this all day but I figured out the settings manually: set the Wi Fi, pointed to a static IP, subnet mask, DNS, etc. It has a  pre-configured Wi Fi connection to a laptop, but in the end everything turned out great and as soon as the Internet was set up on iPhone 4S, it allowed me to continue the registration. When you register, you create ID (login) in Apple and use it with all the services like iStore, iCloud, iTunes, and many more.

Technical component: a dual-core processor A5, two cameras, accelerometers, gyroscope, and more, I will not describe in detail, all  data is on the Apple official site. The iIPhone weighs about 140 grams, quite heavy, but there is a sense of reliability and solidity.

I brought mine online and I recommend this device to all!

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