Clatronic SM 3282

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Customer reviews: Clatronic SM 3282

Nice blender for soft solids!

Author: Ashley     Date: 2013-03-12
Author´s opinion:
I do not actually know how to choose a blender. This is why when I choose one, it is  purely visual and more focused on the price - one that's not very cheap but one that's not overly expensive as well. Most especially, one must choose a blender according to its reliability. Which are all true with this blender. Its weight is not that heavy and it is nice to hold. You can Assemble / disassemble it easily. It can cope well with tomatoes, but with apples, it is having a hard time. Making puree is possible, but it takes time. You must also read the instructions well as it states that you need to add a little water. It ...