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Date: 2013-01-21

I recently bought a new laptop from Apple, an Apple MacBook Air. I want to say that, even when I was still selecting it in the shopping center, that the quality of this device does not have any faults! It has a full metal housing (I think it must be aluminum), and despite the fact that the weight of the MacBook Air is less than one and a half pounds. Compared to other models, Apple’s netbooks are the best-in-class when it comes to small screen devices. The screen is truly perfect! Great for viewing images, video and performance. It is also worth noting that this touchpad laptop was the best of all that was offered in the shopping center.

Apple MacBook Air also has one of the thinnest and lightest cases. Very stylish. And to be honest, I would mention that I would be mediocre to say that this laptop size is the maximum average. It’s a shame that the device does not have network card, and there is no HDMI port. But it has Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-core CPU Intel i7 with a frequency of 1800 MHz. We were also pleased that the RAM is four gigabytes. The keyboard of this device is also not an ordinary one since it has a back light. Graphics will be good enough to view as well as videos, pictures and games online. But when it was set at minimum settings, its battery failed. The capacity of the battery, which should work for a full charge for seven hours only worked for three hours.

Generally the apple computers have one obvious advantage: the company develops in  addition to Apple laptops and hardware, their own line of software. Due to this, their operating system Mac iOS is maximally optimized to function using a particular hardware and while it uses its platform to the full.

In my view, the operating system Mac iOS  is by far the most advanced and friendly OS. In the Apple MacBook Air I bought, it was already preloaded which added to my pleasure.

Other benefits of the MacBook Air is that you can also enjoy full integration with all types of devices (and I connected a few), the ideal operating system compatibility with equipment laptop. For fans of  operating systems from Microsoft, it is free to set Windows. Most of the source code of all programs are open and free. And the main advantage of the Apple MacBook Air  is that it works steadily.

Other disadvantage of this laptop is its sound, has no network card and HDMI ports, and of course the price. Given the small size it is also evident that the device does not have a built-in optical drive.

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