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Customer reviews: Apple iPhone 4S

Definitely The World's Best Smartphone

Author: Sophie     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
Specifications of any gadget may not be interesting unless a person loves to use the product. Otherwise anyone can go to the Apple website and read about the product's specs and learn all about these in detail. The single button is a classic feature in an iPhone, you see it on the right side at the bottom. If you press it, it will become a Home button where ever you are in the menu or in the iPhone application or game, just press the button and you will immediately go to the main menu . The front side and back of the device is covered with special glass, it is not plastic. This is very "expensive" to the touch. And the side ...

The Joys And Sorrows Of Owning An iPhone 4S

Author: Eric     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
Initially, I was somewhat upset of the design of this phone, which does not differ from the previous model (they only placed the antenna on the perimeter of the body, as well as slightly biased downwards lock keys and volume control). Having decided that I would not simply judge the book by its cover, I reached into the phone menu to assess its features and benifts. As expected, the iPhone 4S has a pre-installed operating system, the iOS 5.0. I was very pleased with the notification system that informs all missed events. It is also equipped with a device service called iCloud. The only useful things in this service ...

Just A "Super" Phone To Have!

Author: Richard Speidel     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
I gave my girlfriend an iPhone for her birthday. The first impression I got from the phone when I picked it up was that it rests firmly on my hand; it rests perfectly on my palm. I especially want to note the excellent design of this smartphone, as well as excellent assembly. It has no hint of scratches and similar troubles. Next, I would like to mention the excellent 8MP camera which can take high resolution photos and video. I am also pleased with its good and powerful flash. Even in the evening we can take great pictures, which can be compared with the performance of an unprofessional camera. Its two core processor I ...

More Than Just A Smartphone

Author: Algis     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
If you wish to find a complete list of this product's features, pros and cons, you can find all these in the Internet. I must say I am really pleased. This phone may be common but it is very enjoyable with all its features which are very relevant to use at this time. The first thing that attracts my attention is that the iPhone has a diagonal of 3.5 inches (not the most impressive feature to notice) and a resolution 640h960. But because of the high resolution, screen size becomes secondary. As for the brightness and image quality - all are at the highest level. Probably the most interesting and important part ...

A Powerful And Functional Smartphone

Author: William J. Clark     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
Her are the advantages of an Apple iPhone 4S 64Gb. This list starts with the essentials: - The operating system iOS 5 is a reliable and stable operation. The system supports a lot of applications, guarantees the rate of reaction to the demands and requests from the user, and is powered by a high performance processor AppleA5; - The case of the smartphone is made of metal and glass. It is more durable, and resistant to very small cracks, scratches and other mechanical damage. In addition to its stylish design is the prestige the owner gets from the device. In this smartphone is really comfortable to use and hold in ...

iPhone 4S Always On Top Of The Rest!

Author: James Montgomery     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
Frankly, I'm not a fan of the products that Apple is known for, but after purchasing the iPhone 4S, I am completely won over! First of all its wide, capacitive touch screen , with the parameters of 960 by 640. Perfectly the depth and the richness of color is the product of impressive individual pixels creating a totally beautiful picture. The retina feature is gorgeous. The device immediately responds to touch in any smartphone mode. The camera is also great with 8 megapixels, flash and autofocus. You can shoot clear images and videos in 1080p. It is fast and sleek when operated. Though it has no fundamental ...