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Reliable assistant

Author: Rony     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
Before I had an iPhone, I had a few smartphones including brands like Nokia, and LG, but none of them scored this capacity. Despite its claimed benefits, I will never think twice about buying cheap phones to do even the simplest tasks. I have heard a long time that there was such a thing about an "ideal phone" but have never thought that this is possible, until I received my new iPhone. I totally changed my mind. Let me start with the display. With a resolution of 320 * 280 the iPhone has a very different image quality: it was more dramatic and intense and watching  videos on it was a real pleasure. It uses touch to access all ...

My Phone Is Not Modern, But Still Gears!

Author: S. Vogt     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
The Apple iPhone 2G is the first smartphone from the legendary company Macintosh. I bought it a year after its official release. At the time, this was the best machine in the market. Not so bad camera and had great touch screen. At that time, these phones were little, and now current models are no different, except that the camera is more powerful and of course the processor and memory are larger and more intuitive. In those time, I was pleased on the phone's capacitive multitouch screen. As I remember, many envied the presence of multitouch technology. The camera functions well but not perfect; in the daylight, it ...