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My Life Has Become Easier With iPad

Author: Todor     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
I want to begin by describing the pros about the iPad. This gadget has so many benefits that its not enough to make a review. I ordered the gadget in an online store. I have used it for a long time. Has a simple interface. Easy to use. But it is not applicable for very young children. It is a very handy gadget that performs so many applications. Has impressive quality, incredible applications that will appeal to anyone's taste and color. You can draw a picture, use this gadget to entertain and to communicate in social networks. You will receive constant updates to enhance the performance of the iPad. Touch sensitivity ...

My First Tablet From Apple

Author: Solly     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
I am a fan of Apple for a long time and I am proud to say that all products designed by Steve Jobs has been used in my home. When the first review of iPad was released I confess that I was not that amazed, in contrast to the rest of my friends and acquaintances. I had an iPhone and there was no features that I did not want. Six months after the appearance of the tablet, I still have it. So I thought at the time I will not part with this for a minute. The main plus for me as an owner of the iPad was Wi-Fi. Though my tablet has also 3G, I do not use this because I do not use a SIM card. To access the Internet I use a wireless internet connection, ...

What A Stylish Toy!

Author: Marta Jurkevics     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
The Apple iPad was presented in autumn 2010. The only word that could define this gadget was "stylish". Nothing more. Everything you need is built in: its flash memory if 32Gb, Apple A3 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, applications like the iBook, iPod, Safari and so much more. With iTunes you may connect to your computer and download books, all audio and video. With Wi-Fi and 3G you can easily connect to the Internet. However  you need a 3G SIM to work 3G . You will surely become a fan of the touch screen after your  first touch. That's not all, it's operating system iPhone OS, which, though regularly updated, you ...

Our "Family" iPad

Author: Gary A.     Date: 2013-01-21
Author´s opinion:
There is a lot you can do with an iPad. We just got this device in a month and  we certainly do not know half of it yet. In our family, the iPad works as a "reading tool."  In fact, you can comfortably read any book that you can only dream of before. We also us training and development programs in the AppStore; there are over a hundred titles to choose from. Many of them are located in  «Free» section which means you do not have  to pay for them at all. Games of different genres there available in thousands. And surfing the net while lying on the couch is like a dream! I want to tell you how we love the iPad which was a given as a gift. ...