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product : Apple iPhone 2G
Author´s opinion:
Date: 2013-01-21

Before I had an iPhone, I had a few smartphones including brands like Nokia, and LG, but none of them scored this capacity. Despite its claimed benefits, I will never think twice about buying cheap phones to do even the simplest tasks.

I have heard a long time that there was such a thing about an “ideal phone” but have never thought that this is possible, until I received my new iPhone. I totally changed my mind.

Let me start with the display. With a resolution of 320 * 280 the iPhone has a very different image quality: it was more dramatic and intense and watching  videos on it was a real pleasure. It uses touch to access all my websites and I was able to follow all my sports teams online.

On my first day of using this new device, I fully explored all of its features and download a number of useful programs and of course all the colorful and exciting games I could play Of course, the most pleasant surprise was the detailed picture (to be honest, I thought that these such games can only be played on a PC or PSP). The next day I used the new version of Lingvo for the new phone, and, compared with the java-applications on conventional phones, the program even had a huge dictionary database, with multiple translations.

The only thing that I was a little disappointed was the camera. Photo quality was really terrible. In addition, in this model there is no built-in iPhone video, but you can download the appropriate software.

And now regarding the case. The screen is made of solid glass, which remained unscratched for three and a half years despite having dropped  my phone for a few  times On the side is a button sound on / off, which is very convenient, as you can turn off the sound, even being in the game or program. The back cover does not open, and, judging by the quality of the product, I do not think that I will not need this function at all. I will never be able to get used to it and this is one of the reasons I tried using silicone and plastic. I think the developers did well in developing the iPhone that their device worked smoothly without any physical protection.

The phone works for several years, and many smartphones still can not compare with it. Now I also have a new iPhone 4S, but, in my opinion, big differences between them are their features and price

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