Luxury toy, but screen problem makes me crazy

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Date: 2013-01-21

I purchased an Apple MacBook Air 11 to replace my  primary computer. Its functions were really “excellent.” In some cases, even better than my previous computer. With a convenient touch pad, like a laptop, access to my files were not so had: it had solid buttons, made of glass, with multi touch capabilities, smooth multitasking capabilities, easy to use and convenient. This was more than a year ago but lately things became unusual when I sit down to use it. Its keyboard had issues. The buttons were easy to use before. There is a special highlight of pleasure you get from models from other manufacturers that you may never recall. The letters are clearly seen, marked with white paint. The keyboards had a back light feature which makes it easier to use.

Its metal casing inspires confidence. There are no scratches even if I carry this with me every day.  All the features of the MacBook Air are expertly done without sacrificing its design. It has an overall perfect shape and may be described as pleasant from an aesthetic point of view. I have heard of ultra-thin laptops but such dimensions I have not seen. Designers have cleverly developed an ultra light design so that the netbook can safely be opened with one hand. It’s very easy cover to do with its rubber exterior cover. The latter versions however have very original mechanism of closure. The fact that it somehow reduces overheating of the unit to the bottom of the case where it expels warm air makes it a great feature. And then there is the cover with a distinctive sound; the sound of slamming magnets. All these improves the movement of the cover and protects the screen from damage.

There are other worthy features that improve the unit’s performance. This compact model will easily replace your home PC. It works quickly, does not hang. Applications will work faster as you watch a full movie. The quality of color and sound is perfect; I only have positive emotions and praises for these features. Macintosh  also has a quality guarantee. This model perfectly demonstrates all of its features. In addition, it has a decent power capacity. The laptop runs almost silently for a long time and there is no overheating.

The design is also quite good. I’ve seen some carbon copy models from other manufacturers but this one simply has the best design. But the original is always better: classic silver color with a matte finish, glossy screen and buttons to adjust contrast. This completes the picture characteristic logo in the center of the MacBook Air. In general, it is one of the best Apple products created.

But something seems to annoy and frustrate me. First of all – the screen, in a normal viewing angle you can view a colorful picture. But should sit lower- the picture no longer exists. The colors instantly become dull.

Another little trouble – the top line in the keyboard. I do not know if this is part of the design, but the buttons in this area are very narrow. As if to squeeze them somehow. But then, this is just very minor details. I rarely use these buttons and even find these inconvenient.

I still do not like the set of ports. USB ports are only two, in most cases these are tolerable. However, both are 2.0 format. And these are extremely difficult to access.

Its functional range of netbooks may well “compete” with the iPad, though profitable gains in price. This perfectly replaces a customary powerful PC. If there is no need to use the device as a reader and if you are more familiar to work with the touchpad or you would rather manage your fingers on the screenl.

Compared to other netbooks with approximately the same parameters, MacBook Air 11 Mid 2011  is still an expensive model. But the price is justified by the quality and stability.

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