What is the best face cream for men?

Men may have different skin care needs compared to women. When looking for the best face creams for men, the most important thing to consider is your skin type and skin condition. If you have oily skin chances you is also prone to developing acne and pimples while men with dry skin are also prone to skin irritation and breakouts; it is very important to determine your skin needs so you can easily look for the best face cream.

Avoiding ingredients that can clog pores and cause skin breakouts are the most important factor to consider when looking for the best brand. There are also face creams with increased moisture content which benefits aging men since the gradual loss of testosterone as a result of aging can result to over drying of skin. Sun protection is also a thing to remember; men are also prone to sunburn and irritations as a result of sun exposure just like women. Choose a face cream for men with significant amounts of SPF to help protect skin even when there are overcast days.

A careful review of all the ingredients of face creams for men can help determine if there are ingredients that can cause irritation. Added fragrance, artificial colors and preservatives are culprits in skin breakouts, clogging pores and even causing irritation. Ingredients to look for are shea butter, glycerin and jojoba oil which can moisturize skin without clogging pores or causing build ups. Finally an SPF of 30 or more may be enough to shield your skin from the harmful UVB rays of the sun.

A dermatologist is the best resource of the ideal face cream made for men. She can find the ideal brand to use and advice the best skin care regimen for men’s delicate skin.

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  1. I do not understand why there is different cream for man and women, why they can’t use one?

  2. Algis 04 February 2013 :

    No matter how good a facial cream might be, I always make a point of cleansing my face using warm water. By doing so, I’m able to increase the pores on my facial skin. Plus, washing my face with warm water helps with the cleansing process.

  3. My friends often wonder why I keep my facial creams in the refrigerator. But, unknown to them is that chilled creams close the pores on my face after cleansing it with warm water.

  4. Besides a facial cream, I always apply a toner to my face prior to wearing a cream.

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