What are the different herbs for hair growth?

Though a no of diverse ranges of pills are available, which help in the nourishment of hair, many people like to use natural herbs? Wide varieties of natural herbs are present which aid in the development of strong and healthy hair. They are Aloe Vera, Ginkgo Bilobo, green tea and rosemary to name a few. The gel removed from the Aloe Vera plant has the capability to diminish skin irritation. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It assists in stimulating the scalp and in the growth of hair. By arresting the moisture content in the locks, it acts as an expected hair conditioner. It’s commonly utilized as a constituent in assorted hair care products like shampoos, conditioners etc.

Gingko Bilobo is supplementary rosemary that can be either taken through a tablet or applied to the scalp as a paste. This very popular remedy improves the transmission of blood towards the brain along side skin. Some herbalists believe effective transmission of blood towards the brain and skin delivers more nutrients to the hair. Therefore, they encourage the use of this herb. However, proper heed should be taken while using this herb to eliminate any side effects. In addition, these herbs should not be given to pregnant women. Green tea is an added fashionable herbal remedy. Some herbalists claim that drinking several cups of green tea regularly decreases the tendency of acquiring baldness.

Sage has been in usage for centuries as a therapy for locks and skin problems. It fights against graying of hair and backs in retaining the natural color of the hair, thus acting like a natural dye. Scientific studies revealed this herb is safe to all people. It aids in stimulating the scalp, thus resulting in the mitigation of dandruff. The herb is first boiled and then allowed to cool. This is now rinsed on the hair of the patient. Generally fresh rosemary is used, as it is the most efficient, otherwise dries herb is used. Usage of this herb should be limited to avoid conflicts with other medications. Nettle is another herb widely used for effective hair growth. Daily, three capsules of nettle should be taken. It should also be rinsed with hair every time you shampoo. Sometimes, this herb isn’t recommended, principally for expecting ladies and for public who are allergic to nettle. Proper care should be undertaken while consuming nettle as it conflicts with other medications.

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  1. Maria 14 January 2013 :

    Hair begins to grow faster when rubbed into the scalp tincture of red pepper.

  2. Before buying and using herbal products, I always make a point of checking the ingredient used. This is because not all herbal products are 100% organic. Since manufacturers are known for concealing some of the ingredients used, I always make a point of reading a couple of consumer reviews. Plus, the insecticides used on the herbs can cause severe reactions on your skin.

  3. Solly 14 February 2013 :

    Whereas I’m a pushover when it comes to buying herbal products, I always make a point of researching on the possible side effects.

  4. Some of the side effects I’ve read about include itchy scalp, formation of rashes and burning sensation. Nonetheless, burning sensation is one of the most severe side effects. Therefore, when I felt a scorching feeling on my scalp, I immediately washed off the solution using cold running water.

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